About me

Hi! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day 🙂

I am an introvert minimalist with a love for vegetable gardening, reading and nature. My love for nature brings me outside hiking (preferably in Sweden) and bird watching, and my vegetable garden is why I also have a big interest in soil biology and insects. I grow cacti (from seeds and beyond), listen to classical music, only drink herbal teas or hot chocolate with marshmallows and don’t have much of a sweet tooth (besides marshmallows and chocolate covered raisins) but you can wake me up any night for nacho’s with guacamole! My dream is to one day own a house with a big kitchen and big garden (this happened!), and to grow my own veg and be able to “live of the land” with my own chickens and Indian runner ducks. Will settle for less though, since that also is less work and sometimes can’t do much for a stretched period of time.

On the other side I am also a science and technology girl, board member of the greatest hackerspace of the Netherlands and event organizer. I love bringing people together and giving them a structure to meet while also giving them the space to be themselves.

Due to having celiacs disease (and all that comes with it) I have a lot of inside hobbies. Besides reading I am currently rediscovering crafting postcards, snail mailing and journaling. I also like to draw and paint, with pens, pencils and watercolors. I basically love all things paper! Hopefully I’ll also find the energy back to work on my typewriter collection (I’ve got somewhere between 10 and 20 pre-WWII mechanical typewriters (yes I don’t know how much exactly)).

Just like my personal interest my reading habits are widespread. I read a lot of horror, murder mysteries and (historical) fiction, but also love classics, recently got into fantasy and of course read a lot of biography stuff about how things work or how things happened since I like to understand things. I am no Princess Bride girl nor interested in YA-books.