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Things are happening!

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My dear cats this is weird. After 14 months of nothingness, hardly meeting anybody and reading all the books I will finally get my first covid vaccination this week. I am all torn apart about how to feel about this. A part of me really enjoyed all of the alone time, the not having social obligations, the working from home,… Read more »

Hopes for 2021 (including TBR list)

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I must admit, it’s hard to think about my hopes for 2021 this year. So I kept most of them small. First of all, and this is something major, my partner and I REALLY want to start living together this year. This means I would have to move out of my current place, which has been my home for almost… Read more »

12 days of blogmas: Merry Christmas!

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My twentyfourth day of cheer was: a giant Christmas cracker! We have added this to our Christmas Eve dinner festivities. So good! Yesterday’s tea was the last tea of the Sonnentor advent calendar. It was a “Heavenly Christmas Delight” tea, with cinnamon, lemon balm, blackberryleave, orange peel, apple, liquorice root, cornflower and calendula. It smells earthy with a hint of… Read more »

12 days of blogmas 2020: #TBTBSanta bookswap

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My twentysecond day of cheer was: so funny! It really made me laugh out loud. It’s Santa’s rubber ducky! 😀 Yesterday’s tea was a “Guardian Angel” tea, with apple, coriander, fennel, rosehip, spearmint, aniseed, lemon balm and cornflower. It sounds really interesting! And I’m glad to find a fruit blend without hibiscus. It smells a bit sweet and the color… Read more »