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My 2023 BuJo pages

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For the last couple of years I am keeping a Bullet Journal. It’s not about having a space for creativity per se, I mainly use it to track my days, appointments, events and chores as was intended by Ryder Caroll when he shared his technique with the world. When needed I also use it as a diary, to empty my… Read more »

Make your own DIY stickers

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I wrote this for IGGPPCamp recently. IGGPPCamp is an online summercamp organised by the International Geek Girl Penpal Club. It’s superfun and crafty, delicious and one of my favorite summer activities! If you want to check out other crafts, please visit IGGPPCamp’s Craft Cabin. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =… Read more »

Pre-summer break

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No update this week, I’m on a short pre-summer break this week. If you want to know what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter instead. There are crafts!

Crafting postcards: learning how to watercolor

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As our one week of winter has passed, and the snow is melting away, my mood still hasn’t changed much. It’s going up and down really fast, which is really tiring. I am thankful for our week of winter though. It was fun watching the snow, going on snow walks and have my cats indoors all the time because even… Read more »

Hopes for 2021 (including TBR list)

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I must admit, it’s hard to think about my hopes for 2021 this year. So I kept most of them small. First of all, and this is something major, my partner and I REALLY want to start living together this year. This means I would have to move out of my current place, which has been my home for almost… Read more »

12 days of blogmas 2020: more Winter postcards!

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My eighteenth day of cheer was: a stained glass biscuits recipe! This was certainly unexpected, even though I stuck two recipes in my own made swaps. I’ve never heard of stained glass biscuits, and I also recently bought myself a set of cookie cutters. So I might add this one to my list of cookies when I start baking next… Read more »