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Things are happening!

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My dear cats this is weird. After 14 months of nothingness, hardly meeting anybody and reading all the books I will finally get my first covid vaccination this week. I am all torn apart about how to feel about this. A part of me really enjoyed all of the alone time, the not having social obligations, the working from home,… Read more »

My Top Ten Thursday: Hobbies

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I keep missing my Tuesday deadlines these last few weeks. Things are suddenly busy around me and after a quiet few months it’s hard to have to adapt again. Meanwhile, we are now in our second lockdown. You would think I would have the time right? So this is a thing going about in the bookish community, and since I… Read more »

One holiday on the rocks please!

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Even though this year is totally weird, we both needed to get out for a couple of days and be in nature instead of looking at our own walls again. With two homes we can mix them up a bit, but it still gets taunting after so many months! So during July we have been camping for a couple days…. Read more »