That Monday morning feeling…

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I am so not inspired to do anything. I get up, I work, I make my breakfast, lunch and dinner, I take a walk outside, I read a book, I sow some seeds, but it’s all just… the same thing all over again. There is no spontaneity or much of any motivation left in me. I’m bored, because it’s just another groundhog day.

It’s hard work trying to maintain positive, to keep being patient and not get angry about the level of stupidity this world has gotten itself into. I don’t want to be another one of those non-caring people only thinking about themselves. So I keep on self-isolating, not meeting friends and only a little bit of family. Not going to stores, except for essentials (which is of course food and pick-ups at the library).

Luckily spring is around the corner. It will be the same thing all over again, but with better weather so going outside will become more pleasant. There will be ‘new’ things to look at again, flowers still know how to be spontaneous, they’ll pop up wherever they want to. Insects will be buzzing again (and some will probably bumb into my face when I get to close watching them hatch from the bee hotel).

But, even though it has been postponed again, it’s just another couple of months for me to get vaccinated. I can do this! If being bored is the worst of it, it’s something I can do. I will watch another movie, read another book, bake some more muffins, take another walk and work another day from home.

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