How are things going?

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Who would have know lockdown could suddenly be so busy?! As written in my Hopes for 2021 post, my partner and I really want to start living together this year. In order to do that, we have been saving up for a while, and I recently started tidying his home, sorting through things and making a list of things we need to fix before we can put it up for sale and all that. But now, we have also started actually looking at homes!

We have already visited one recently. It was a small 90m² drive-in home, this means it has a garage at the bottom floor and you live on the second and third. It was a house that really felt like a home, it had lots of ambiance. But… ambiance is something you can make yourself and it also had a couple of big things that need fixing. We did place an offer on the home, but someone else offered A LOT more and our offer got declined. Of course we were a bit sad at first, but we also felt quite relieved. It was a bit on the small side and some of the rooms felt claustrophobic. The gardens were amazing though, the front and back garden together were so much bigger than the insides of the house itself. I think those gardens and the area the house was in were the main reasons for us to fall in love with it.

This week we are going to look at a second house, again a drive-in home. This one doesn’t have much of an ambiance, which is good, because hopefully less people are willing to put an offer in. The house itself though, is in far better shape as the first one we visited. And, it’s also more of a normal size home, around 120m². There is a back yard, around 45m² facing north, which needs a lot of work, but knowing myself I would rather re-do everything from scratch anyway.

We have better hopes for this visit, but our current housing market is insanely crazy and out of proportion. There is no telling if we won’t be outbidded again this time. It feels like we need all the magic in the world making buying a house possible for us. Luckily we both have good homes for now, they are only not suitable for living together and after 12,5 years together we are really looking forward to that now. So hopefully this is the one!

4 thoughts on “How are things going?

  1. Bill M

    Best of luck with your house hunting.
    Housing is super crazy in the the USA. Prices are way out of line, and houses often sell for even more than the advertised price once they are advertised for sale.

    1. Spider Post author

      Thank you Bill! It’s the same here. If you don’t have a house to sell too, it’s nearly impossible to buy one yourself. This is only the second one we are putting an offer on, but I am already dreading the amount of time it will take to find and “win” one during these bidding wars. It’s causing me sleepless nights and days filled with migraines. But not participating is not an option anymore! It only proves how motivated we are to start living together.

  2. RobertG

    Good luck with the house-hunt – very stressy that, as I recall. (After moving 5 times in 15 years, have now same spot for 15 years!) The house-market really has gone a bit overheated… hope you find a good spot and that your area of the country keeps at least a little bit sane 🙂

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