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Hi! I am me, I do stuff online. And sometimes offline too. Hanging about in the garden, playing with my food. You know. Do what Spider's do. I also read a lot.

Books I have DNF-ed in 2021

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I am not very good at DNF-ing a book. This list probably should have been longer, as there are still books on my read list of less than 3 stars. But sometimes it’s nice to read a book that isn’t so fulfilling, a bit of pulp, something boring but comfortable, something to read on a day that you are actually… Read more »

Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection (aka every unread book I own / my 2022 TBR)

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is about your most recent additions to your book collection, but I will be combining that with every unread book I own aka my 2022 TBR. Last two years I made a list of books I want to read during the year, which was pretty successful but I got quite an amount of new books… Read more »

My december 2021 reads

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Whoa! Going out of the year with a bang! *BOOM* I’ve done it! I’ve reached all three of my goals, and something. This wasn’t the easiest reading year, but somehow I have managed. Here are some stats from my theStorygraph. What is becoming clear to me thanks to these statistics is that a “normal reading month” for me is a… Read more »

My top ten favorite reads of 2021

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Sometimes you don’t have any inspiration for months, due to life happening, and sometimes you have about 14 subjects lined up to blog about. Let’s hope I will get them all out of my fingers! Today’s post is about my favorite reads of 2021, which happens to collide with That Artsy Reader Girl’s

My november 2021 reads (and listens!)

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November was a good reading month for me. I finally felt like taking enough time for myself between all the chores that are now my life and studying for my new job. There’s a steep learning curve ahead of me, and 6,5 hours a day of it take up all my brain space. This results in being a lot more… Read more »

My October 2021 reads and Deweys readathon

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October was finally a good reading month for me again. I am still not fully back into the reading habit, but the books I have read were all pretty darn good! I finished reading 6, mostly thanks to participating in Deweys 24-hour readathon and indeed spending most of that time reading. Things at our home start to slow down a… Read more »