Message from the rollercoaster

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It’s been quiet here the last two weeks, but not because I don’t have anything to write. It has been quiet (and possibly will be for a while) because I am currently living in a rollercoaster…

It truly feels unreal, and I don’t have much time to sit down and let it all soak so every now and then I get hit by a “WTF!” realisation that this thing is truly happening. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! And it has everything we have both dreamed off. (this is the part where I start crying again)

The house we bought is build early 1960’s, and it’s not big but it’s big enough for the both of us. We can probably live here until we are old and need to go live on a single floor because our bodies are getting too crappy for stairs. Downstairs it has a hallway with a toilet and a stairs, a living room with a roomwide sliding door into the garden and a quite big kitchen. You can’t put a dining table into the kitchen, because it’s shaped like another hallway, but it has LOT’S of storage space (and very important, a dishwasher, an actual oven AND a freezer).

Because it’s a house on the corner, my new garden goes all the way round. The back- and side-yard are super sunny all day and the front yard is a bit more shaded. Also because of the massive tree (we always wanted a tree!). In the side garden is a nice potting shed where I can do my gardening and store my bike, and at the back of the garden is… the garage! Something my partner is especially happy with, but myself too because we can build a green roof on top.

Upstairs there is a bathroom, which looks a bit old fashioned but has a bath, a toilet and a SEPERATE shower! So no need to climb into a slippery bath tub in the morning when you need to get ready for work. Opposite the bathroom is the old shower room, which has been converted to a laundry room. At the back of the house is the master bedroom and at the front of the house a smaller bedroom which will be mine to use for my library, my home office and my crafts and other things.

But wait, the stairs go on! On the third floor there is another room with a front room and lot’s of storage space for our (well, mine ofcourse…) Christmas decorations and camping gear. These two will become my partners home office, game room and personal hackerspace.

Since it’s an old home we probably find stuff that needs fixing, but for now it all feels so perfect!

Other things we did these last two weeks thanks to buying this house? Well…

  • We’ve packed up and cleaned my partners apartment in just three days to put it up for sale.
  • And sold it just before last weekend started.
  • We have arranged our new mortgage, still waiting on some of the last documents there.
  • We decided to get married before moving to our new home and arranged (almost) everything for that.
  • We got into a dispute with the housing committee, but that’s smoothed over now too.
  • And I have started packing up my own home too, which after the mortgage request is completed needs to be ready to cancel the rent on.

And all this with both of us still having to work too, because we are both in massive projects and could only take some random days off to arrange for things. So has there been any time for sleeping? Not much. Have we visited our new home yet? Also no. But what about reading and your garden? Ehm… Hopefully next week!

4 thoughts on “Message from the rollercoaster

  1. Bill M

    Congratulations! It sounds that you found a wonderful place to live. There always seems there is work to do with a house, but it is work for oneself and not a landlord. I hope you and yours have many happy years and build many happy memories in your house.

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