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12 days of blogmas 2020: #TBTBSanta bookswap

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My twentysecond day of cheer was: so funny! It really made me laugh out loud. It’s Santa’s rubber ducky! 😀 Yesterday’s tea was a “Guardian Angel” tea, with apple, coriander, fennel, rosehip, spearmint, aniseed, lemon balm and cornflower. It sounds really interesting! And I’m glad to find a fruit blend without hibiscus. It smells a bit sweet and the color… Read more »

12 days of blogmas 2020: introduction

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With so many Christmas projects going on this year, it seemed a good year to take a swing at Blogmassing too. Instead of posting daily, I will try to post every two days from now until the 24th. I call it, my 12 days of Christmas. (so original, haha!) I have been busy making Christmas swaps and Christmas post cards… Read more »

Crafting postcards #3

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I’m currently “inbetween swaps” and have some time this week to make a bunch of post cards again. As I wrote to you in my previous crafting post I was planning to do some drawings and water colors too. I haven’t done any watercoloring before, and I actually also don’t have real watercolor. For these drawings I have used brushpen… Read more »