Crafting postcards: learning how to watercolor

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As our one week of winter has passed, and the snow is melting away, my mood still hasn’t changed much. It’s going up and down really fast, which is really tiring. I am thankful for our week of winter though. It was fun watching the snow, going on snow walks and have my cats indoors all the time because even they decided -10 degrees Celsius was too cold.

I kept wondering where to write about, but, one of my goals this year is to spent more time painting and doodling, and I have done a few of those recently.

So, what have I been making?

Thanks to the book 50x watercolor designs by Avocado, Alpaca&Co I painted some post cards. It was a fun book, with indeed 50 designs although some of them were the same but in different color variations and others were previous designs combined to another new design. Nevertheless, I tried making the alpaca’s and the succulents and they turned out pretty okay!

I was surprised about how much time it took me to paint the succulents. To prevent bleeding the leaves into each other, you have paint every other leaf and wait for them to dry to paint the adjoining one. I also ran out of premixed paint halfway through and couldn’t get the same color again. To my opinion only the upper right one has worked out as it was supposed to. But they still make a nice post card together.

But these, these were the hardest. My brain just didn’t get what I was trying to do. Not overthink it and just watercolor an abstract. It always looks so easy! Watching Creations Ceecee’s youtube channel is really comforting and relaxing to me. But painting something abstract myself surely wasn’t…

These are actually not finished yet, as I want to draw and doodle something on top. Depending on who will receive them.