Taking a selfcare day during a pandemic

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I haven’t been having the best time this month. January strangely had me thriving, I read so many books! Things were well. Or at least okay enough to enjoy my days. But February… I can’t seem to get it started. I have only read one book so far. It takes about ALL my effort to write my journal. I can’t get myself to exercise. And I’ve also been hit with migraines a lot. So… time for a day off! I’m taking a selfcare day!

It hit me yesterday. We have the best snow in years right now, and I can hardly enjoy it. So the first thing I did (after telling my work I’m not available today) is eating a big breakfast and getting into the snow. Wearing all my warmest clothes (it was about -10 degrees Celsius when I went out) and started walking!

It was beautiful, I absolutely loved it. But it was also hard on my muscles hiking through the snow, so after only 30 minutes I was already done. Back home I made myself a large cup of tea, put my pyjamas back on and sat down on the couch. What better day to start reading The Girl in the Tower (#2 of the Winterwitch trilogy) than a snow day? Seriously, it’s a perfect winter mood read. I just love these three books and finally decided to buy them in hardcopy after reading them as ebooks before. It didn’t disappoint. I was sucked in immediately!

Something I am a bit worried about this week is how to get my groceries. I was cleaning out my stash and am low on supplies, when all of this snow hit us. My car is frozen stuck. And its a twenty minute walk to the stores. I don’t mind walking, but I need a bit much this week and my back still can’t carry it all. Since I decided on a selfcare day I took a moment to see if I could get my groceries delivered instead. Seriously, this feels like such a luxury. I hardly ever do this. I WAS IN SO MUCH LUCK! There was still a delivery spot left for tomorrow evening. Yay! \o/

After lunch I did some tidying and cleaning around the house. They aren’t fun things to do, but it does belong in the selfcare category. It just feels so much better when the dishes aren’t staring at you all the time. And you can safely walk into your home through your hallway, without bumping into things. It gives the mind some rest, because it won’t have to think about the things you need to do anymore. I only spend an hour on it, which also gave me some physical exercise instead of sitting on my ass all day. And it brightened up both my place as my mind.

It is tiring though. So a play break with my cats and a tea was the next thing on my calendar. And back to my read as it was just getting exciting, with an epic battle and everything.

Another tea, a slice of banana bread. The sun shines bright today, and it looks even brighter with all that snow around. It’s a good thing to notice. Dinner time arrives soon now. I don’t know what to do after yet. Maybe some painting, maybe more reading, maybe I’ll watch some tv shows while having a foot bath. I do know I needed this today and also that I am still tired. But just a bit less than yesterday and that’s all that matters now.