My Book Holiday for Deweys Reversed Readathon

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It’s already a month ago, when I came back home from my 24-hours Reversed Readathon trip to a rented gypsy home on a Dutch farmers lot. In this post I would like to share some pictures with you of the fun I had!

The tiny home was truly adorable. I loved it! It was however, badly ventilated and with the door closed and windows that couldn’t open, it got hot FAST. And at night time it also got cold because of the same reason, which woke me up fairly early on my first night.

I arrived at the gypsy home at Friday afternoon, and after getting my things out of the car immediately went on a short walk. There was a creek in the area where lot’s of Banded demoiselle’s flew around. I had never seen them this blue! Sadly it didn’t work out making any pictures of them, but I did manage to snap this beauty.

After my dinner, I started reading. There wasn’t much shade around, except for the little patio in front of the gypsy home. I’ve put down a folded blanket and made a cozy corner with some pillows and started on finishing my current read, Death at La Fenice. You can read the short review in my July wrap up post.

As I wrote in my preparations blog, I can hardly ever enjoy a nice “hotel” breakfast, because of my strict medical diet. Therefore I decided on preparing myself a massive brunch buffet. It was amazing! I might make this into a Sunday regular at home. Sure beats the muesli cereal I usually have for breakfast.

Because I woke up so early, I had a lot of time on Saturday. I didn’t only want to be reading, so after my breakfast I put on my hiking boots again and walked out. I planned on hiking for an hour or two, have a break somewhere to read too, and go back to the gypsy home. But I got lost on the tiny tracks! By the time I got back it was already halfway through the afternoon. And time for a snack while reading.

I basically kept on reading till midnight after that. In between enjoyed a delicious taco salad, and made a phone call to my husband (and cat) by the time I started to feel lonely. By the time it got too cold outside, I made a little cozy book nook with all the pillows and a soft fleece blanket in the cute box-bed.

By the end of my trip I had read three books. One I already started before my trip, but finished before my Saturday hike. One book on Saturday. And on Sunday morning I started (and later that day ended up DNF-ing) the third. Reading wise I could have picked better books. But I need to get through these for the FNLC Summer Bonus Prompt. I also somehow got home with two more books I found in a Free Little Library to make up for my not-too-great reads. 😉

Overall, it was a fun trip. It was good to be outside and it was nice to be away from home, which has been a while. Maybe I’ll even do this again next year!