Dewey’s Reverse 24-hour Readathon – preparations

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It’s time for another 24-hour readathon next weekend! This time, things will be a bit different. For the Reversed Readathon, the times are reversed. That means (for me, living in Europe) the readathon will start at 2AM on Saturday the 22nd and will end on 2AM on Sunday the 23rd. Oof!

Last Dewey’s was a lot of fun. Like, a lot a lot. But since this is my first Reversed Readathon, and it’s also the holiday season, I decided to make this edition a teeny tiny bit more special. I will be renting a nice cozy gypsy home!

Yes that’s right! I am going on a book holiday! And since I will be reading most of the time, I am leaving my husband at home and make it a weekend just for me. Since our last holiday (together) is already two years ago, and my last time going on such a trip by myself has easily been five years ago, I am REALLY EXCITED. Just look how cute it is. 😀

The area surrounding the camping where my rented gypsy home is standing, is very beautiful. There are ancient juniper trees standing in heath meadows, where Highland cattle grazes and which when I am lucky will just be showing their pretty purple flowers. There is also lots of water around, since these parts in the past have been used to dig turf, which has left many marshes you can only walk through on plank bridges. Basically, it’s ideal for hiking AND birdwatching! Two thing I love to do, but don’t make enough time for. So if work allows, I might even travel there on Thursday instead of Friday, so I can make the most of the surroundings.

Going away makes my preparations for Deweys a bit different though. But I’m planning on fun things for myself. When I go out Friday, I will use the rest of that day to hike the surrounding area. On Saturday after waking up, I plan to make myself a massive brunch buffet. Just like when you go on holiday, but everything gluten free of course. Fresh orange juice, the expensive bread I never want to buy for myself (because it’s DOUBLE expensive when gluten free), nice cheeses, hams, jams and trout. Egg bacon rolls. Fresh summer fruit. And for brunch desert, a muffin! (Can you see I’ve been reading Chief Inspector Armand Gamache when I made my brunch list?)

And of course I need to bring along a book stack! There were quite a few on my TBR this month. Both to continue series I am reading as books I wanted to submit for the FNLC reading challenge. Reading during a readathon requires a special kind of book though. Fast-paced for instance. And also, palet cleansers you can read in between. Nothing that gets you too emotional, as that won’t make it possible to read another book for a while. And for me, also, plenty of Dutch books, so your brain won’t tire out too much when translating.

I think I’ve come up with a good list. And of course I will also be taking along my ereader, for when all of these fail my mood and I just want to read something completely different instead.

I won’t be bringing my laptop, because I don’t want it to get stolen, so if you want to stay updated through the weekend you can head over to my Twitter account. If you are joining Dewey’s readathon yourself give me a shout out so I can follow you!