Book Haul!

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Surprise! I recently celebrated my birthday and got spoiled with a very nice stack of books. When writing them down in my journal I noticed… that my book hauling is going faster than that I’m reading. Whoops! We’ve all been there right? But I am usually keeping up quite well.

Even so, no stress! I’ll get to them eventually. 🙂

To help myself along I will be joining the May Readathin readathon. It’s a readathon to thin out your TBR and besides reading prompts also has a few activity prompts. One of the prompts is to read a random pick, but I am always so bad at those! What is random? How does it exist? How do I shut off my brain to get there? I never know, so I made the plunge to make a TBR jar. It’s small, but the colors look happy and it was a nice activity to do, too.

Which books I chose for the Readathin will be shared in another post. We need you to keep coming back right? 😉

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