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12 days of blogmas 2020: Merry Midwinter (book review)

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My tenth day of cheer was: something which sounded very good when I was moving the gift from under my tree to my desk! I will have to hide this from myself till the weekend, because this is absolutely my favorite treat: TWO bags of crisps. One of them with seasalt and the other… with ROSEMARY and seasalt! They don’t… Read more »

12 days of blogmas 2020: end of year book tag

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My forth day of cheer were: four adorable Christmas sweater postcards. These are just the right size to add to letters, or to use as labels to gifts, or at the Christmas dinner seating table. I especially like the reindeer one, and the snowman is SO happy! Yes, this brought absolute cheer. Yesterday’s tea was a “Soothing Throat” tea, filled… Read more »

#Startonyourshelfathon update: the books I didn’t read and why

Late last year I announced doing my first readathon in 2020. Besides setting a goal for the amount of books I wanted to read, I also chose to participate in Startonyourshelfathon. While the organisation of this readathon went into a slump quite soon, I did continue my reading. The goal was to read as many unread books on your bookshelf… Read more »

My October 2020 reads

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October has been a regular good October again. I have also read a lot! Mostly library books though. I had a few reservations that all came in together, and on top of that added some more when I went to pick them up. You know how it goes! I’ve completed a few items from the IGGPPC Geeky Readathon, two from… Read more »

My Top Ten Thursday: Hobbies

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I keep missing my Tuesday deadlines these last few weeks. Things are suddenly busy around me and after a quiet few months it’s hard to have to adapt again. Meanwhile, we are now in our second lockdown. You would think I would have the time right? So this is a thing going about in the bookish community, and since I… Read more »

My September 2020 reads

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Didn’t I just wrote a reading post? How is that possible when this month seemed so long? As of last week I am back to working all my work hours from home again. I have been all kinds of angry about it. September was mostly a boring non-exciting month. I didn’t read a lot, but my reads were kinda great!… Read more »