My February 2021 reads and reviews

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This is so weird! I somehow really believed I already wrote and published this post, but can’t find any trace of it!

February was a bit of a dark month for me. My weird mood also reflects on my reading, I just couldn’t find the motivation. It’s strange to see in my statistics that I somehow still managed to read 6 books of about 2,070 pages because to me it feels as if I haven’t read at all. There were so many days where I didn’t touch a book or my ereader. At the end of the month I luckily found my mojo back, and could also pick up my books again.

So let’s get to it! What did I read this February?

12. The Authenticity project by Clare Pooley (library, translated to Dutch, 3,5 stars)
I read this book with the Iggle Bookworms and could also use it for one of the prompts for the Geeky Reading Challenge as this is way outside my comfort zone. I never read a book just for the romantic plot. The story however did speak to me AND fitted IGGPPC very well, as the main characters get to know each other by writing in a notebook.

The writing style was a bit mediocre, or possibly it was just translated wrong as there were some words that didn’t fit the sentences. The story however did intrigue. I think it was the social experiment that lured me in.

And you know what? It was a fun read. It didn’t make me cry, it didn’t make my heart jump, but it did make me smile. A lot. It was a lighthearted read. And because it was, I was suddenly reading it everywhere. Did I have to wait 5mins on something, I could read an entire chapter, maybe even two! I was at the end before I knew it.

15. The history of love by Nicole Krauss (library, translated to Dutch, DNF)
After reading one romance and surprisingly liking it, I thought to do another because after all it was February! But no… I really couldn’t get through this one. DNF-ed really fast and really hard.

16. Moving pictures by Terry Pratchett (ebook, English, 3,5 stars)
It was a very impressive way to write a novel, as you need to read this one as like you were watching a movie.

When this read started at the Unseen University I was a bit disappointed, as the only thing I have an interest in there seems to be the Librarian. Luckily we soon left the city of Ankh-Morpork when Viktor traveled to Holy Wood to have his big break. And he wasn’t the only one! Dibbler finally has some success as a business man, which was nice to read. But the true star for me was to read about Gaspode again! I love that weird sarcastic dog!

I do fear I will never get all the jokes involved in reading Pratchett’s work. It wasn’t until the end I suddenly got the “golden man” was representing an Oscar.

17. Stillhouse lake by Rachel Caine (ebook, English, 4,5 stars)
It’s not often I fall in love with a modern thriller writer, but wow, Rachel Caine really made her entry! My first response to finishing the book was ” Holy hell what a thrill!”. Rachel isn’t scared at all to use detailed gory details to make her story, but also managed to make sure the victimized family feels natural enough and even brings more depth by bringing in some side-stories that in the end are all tangled up together. I’m really glad this is a series and can only hope that she manages to keep this up.

And that was it! These were my February reads. Not all bad, but luckily went out with a bang. Have you read any of these too? What did you think about them? Do you have a recommendation for something similar? Or is there anything you would like to know? Ask me in the comments!