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Most Recent Books I Did Not Finish

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This is another TopTenTuesday by ArtsyReaderGirl but, I only have 6 books that I haven’t finished this year. I am trying to be better at DNF-ing and I can’t say I am disappointed at my efforts! I was however, disappointed by some of these books… 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense, by Michael Brooks This had a promising blurb, because… Read more »

Books on My Summer 2023 to-Read List

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a TTT, but this weeks TopTenTuesdays by ArtsyReaderGirl was about a summer to-read list. And I felt like making myself a TBR, so this is as good a reason as any to join in on the fun again. Summer to me is getting too hot and melting, but also very long days preferably… Read more »

Series I want to prioritise in 2023

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According to my StoryGraph Wrapup, 59 of the 130 books I’ve read last year were part of a series. If you have visited me before, you know that could easily be true, because I love my series! Because there are so many series on my TBR, there are a few I want to prioritise this year. On top of that,… Read more »

Top Ten New-to-me authors from 2022

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According to my theStorygraph wrap-up I have explored the works of 93 new authors last year. Considering I read 130 books, that’s quite something! This weeks TopTenTuesday by thatArtsyReaderGirl is just about all these new discovered authors. Below is a list of well, eight, authors I would like to read more of. I decided to not-include any authors I’ve already… Read more »

My recommendations from 2022

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The year is over, another has started! And we are still here and reading. I hope you had some wonderful holidays and I wish you a great 2023! During 2022 I’ve finished reading 130 books, across 44,417 pages. I got wrapped up in intrigue, went to dark places, and explored new worlds. I read 94 new authors, had 9 rereads… Read more »

Ten Series I’d Like to Start

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It hasn’t been that long ago, that I wrote an update on my current reading series. And to be fair, not as much has changes since that post either… But today is TopTenTuesday dedicated to series, so instead of series I want to continue and finish, I’ve written you a list of series I would like to start whenever I… Read more »