My recommendations from 2022

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The year is over, another has started! And we are still here and reading. I hope you had some wonderful holidays and I wish you a great 2023! During 2022 I’ve finished reading 130 books, across 44,417 pages. I got wrapped up in intrigue, went to dark places, and explored new worlds. I read 94 new authors, had 9 rereads… Read more »

What have I read in November 2022?

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Last month of the year is ahead! And… I have reached so many of my goals, that I will be throwing all the others out of the window and only read Christmassy books. To gamify this a bit, I have joined the Reindeer Readathon by Breakeven Books and designed a Christmas bingo board for our IGGPPC Bookwyrms. Yay! But first,… Read more »

The have-I-finished-my-2022-TBR topic

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We are getting to the end of the year, and I am planning on reading a lot of either Christmas related books or dark winter books for December, so this is the time to get back to my 2022 TBR list and see how I’ve done this year. At the beginning of this year, I had 23 unread books on… Read more »

Current life as a celiac

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After coming back from our Swedish holiday, I noticed I had a lot of energy again. I was doing great, both mentally as physically, and really felt like myself again. After a couple of weeks, and getting my vaccines, I was a total mess. Low energy, often cranky, hiding away again. Something was wrong. Was it the result of the… Read more »

Non-fiction books I want to read (but never do)

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It’s Non-Fiction November, and even though I did read a couple of non-fiction books this month, there are some on my TBR I never seem to get to. They are either too challenging, and scaring me or they are meant to teach me something, while I don’t feel like learning because books are there to relax me. Some are just,… Read more »

Ten Series I’d Like to Start

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It hasn’t been that long ago, that I wrote an update on my current reading series. And to be fair, not as much has changes since that post either… But today is TopTenTuesday dedicated to series, so instead of series I want to continue and finish, I’ve written you a list of series I would like to start whenever I… Read more »