My August and September reads

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It’s been a while, again. Moving house is busy and it’s taking me a while to adjust timewise as there are lots of chores and things to arrange and also having a new job isn’t helping with that. At the end of the day I am just tired. So no major updates yet. I am well, things are progressing. And… Read more »

My May 2021 reads and reviews

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Wow, damn! I don’t know how I did it, but… I have read 14 books this May! We’ve had a lot of cold rainy days and I am still self-isolating, but I never expected this. It’s the biggest amount of books I have read in one month ever! And am ahead on my yearly goal by 10 books/2872 pages! As… Read more »

My allotment in May 2021

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While the weather still remains cold and wet we are now past the last frost-date and indeed have better weather! It’s mostly to a southern instead of northern wind that the weather is changing nicely now, to 5-8 degrees (Celsius) at night and 12-18 during the day. It feels like we are at least 7 weeks behind though, but the… Read more »