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My January 2021 reads and reviews

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It’s a new year and we can start counting from one again! And I must say… it has been a GOOD reading month for me! We have hit another lockdown, closing of all stores and schools for over a month now. It’s far more severe than the last one, including a couple of days of riots because of curfew. It’s… Read more »

My November and December 2020 reads

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I haven’t read much in November, and with my 12-days-of-blogmas didn’t feel like writing a sad book overview, therefore decided to combine the last two months of the year into this post. 2020 has ended! Finally! It was such a long, long year. And I must admit, I read quite a lot thanks to that. I have finished reading …… Read more »

My September 2020 reads

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Didn’t I just wrote a reading post? How is that possible when this month seemed so long? As of last week I am back to working all my work hours from home again. I have been all kinds of angry about it. September was mostly a boring non-exciting month. I didn’t read a lot, but my reads were kinda great!… Read more »

My August 2020 reads

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It seems I haven’t been reading much this August, for the first two weeks I still wasn’t feeling well and the book was reading took me more time than I wished for. I loved it though, but it was also very chaotic and therefore I couldn’t read much at once. Baby steps seemed the way. I still have read 6… Read more »