Broccoli and salmon quiche

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It’s time to harvest the purple sprouting broccoli. I love growing this vegetable, even though it does take a long while from seed to harvest. It grows slow and seems dormant for a long time of the year, but you can grow them in pots until a spot opens up in the garden during summer and just when you feel like going into the garden again just before spring, you will get a nice harvest. Right during the hunger gap!

But after harvesting, what do you do with it?

I love baking quiches, they are easy to make and for a long time were the only pies I though I could eat. You can throw whatever you have in there and have a lovely meal, which you can also easily save for the next day or bring along somewhere when needed.

So today I am sharing with you, my just randomly thrown together broccoli and salmon quiche.

First you need (for one person):
• two hands of broccoli
• 150 grams of smoked salmon flakes
• half a chopped onion
• puff pastry sheets
• two large eggs
• 150ml crème fraîche
• salt and pepper

(note: if you aren’t a celiac yourself and are making this for someone who is, make sure to check if the puff pastry and salmon are gluten-free)

And then you’ll:
0. defrost the sheets puff pastry by putting it out on your counter
1. preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius
2. grease the baking dish with your greaser of choice
3. chop the broccoli, put them in a bowl, add boiled water for ten minutes, then rinse
4. mix the crème fraîche, with a dash of milk, the eggs, the salt and the pepper
5. fold in the puff pastry in your baking dish
6. mix together your broccoli, onion and salmon
7. put mixed vegetables in the baking dish
8. pour over the mixed eggs
9. bake for 30 to 45 minutes (depending on if you make it flat or high)

As written above, if you don’t eat everything at once, you can easily bring it along for lunch the next day. And maybe this is even delicious with some mustard mixed in with the eggs.

Enjoy your broccoli and salmon quiche!