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Taking a selfcare day during a pandemic

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I haven’t been having the best time this month. January strangely had me thriving, I read so many books! Things were well. Or at least okay enough to enjoy my days. But February… I can’t seem to get it started. I have only read one book so far. It takes about ALL my effort to write my journal. I can’t… Read more »

12 days of blogmas 2020: hot chocolate winter date

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My twelfth day of cheer was: oddly shaped! Those are always the gifts that tet me the most curious, so I was looking at it for a while now and I could finally unwrap. It did not dissapoint! It’s a cactus needle felt kit! I always wanted to try needle felting! And the cacti are just adorable. These will look… Read more »

Snowman ornaments

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I was totally going to wait until it was at least fall and I almost was patient enough. Christmas is upon us people! And even though it will probably be one of the weirdest Christmas’ most of us will experience in life to me it will be “just another Christmas” and Christmas means crafting! Last year I made these toad… Read more »

DIY Toad stool ornaments

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I haven’t been much of a crafter the last ten years, but after our holiday to Sweden this summer I am so totally into toadstools! I just had to have them in my Christmas tree this year. After being bummed out that the ones I really liked were already sold out at the stores, I decided to make them myself… Read more »