Snowman ornaments

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I was totally going to wait until it was at least fall and I almost was patient enough. Christmas is upon us people! And even though it will probably be one of the weirdest Christmas’ most of us will experience in life to me it will be “just another Christmas” and Christmas means crafting!

Last year I made these toad stool ornaments but I also started on crafting little snowman ornaments. I never got to finish those, but I have now!

Part of how I made these ornaments is based on another tutorial which you can find over at the (Dutch) Christmaholic blog.

You need a couple of things to make these snowmen:

  • champagne corks
  • white acrylic paint
  • black, red and blue markers
  • acrylic varnish or transparent glue
  • optional: glitter
  • thin cardboard or thick paper
  • tape
  • yarn in two or three colors
  • glue

The first part is easy but messy, paint the corks white. You probably need 3 or 4 layers because corks tend to suck all the paint in.

Draw little faces on your corks using the markers. If you need inspiration, type “draw kawaii faces” into your search engine of choice.

Varnish your corks and if you want to add glitter to the varnish!

For the little winter hats, take your thin cardboard or thick paper, cut a band and tape it to size. Do make it a bit wider as the head of your snow-person as we are going to add and wrap the yarn around it.

Cut your yarn to 25-30cm threads, fold them double and tie them to your hat band by looping the yarn through the loop. Cut one thread longer so you can make it into a hanger. Make sure the “knots” are all on the same side of the hat band. And don’t forget to mix and match your colors!

Make sure there are no entanglements and fold the threads around your cardboard/paper. This is super fiddly, if you need to see it in pictures, make sure to take a look at the (Dutch) Christmaholic blog.

When all the looping and folding is done, wrap another piece of yarn around it and cut off the excess yarn to make a pompom on top. You can either use the wrapped piece of yarn or the very long yarn to use as a hanger wire.

Put your winter hat on your snow-lady and glue them together. (as you can see here, I need to use thinner yarn!)

Have fun! And if you make your own please share your pictures. I would love to see all the different kind of snowpeople appearing around the web. 🙂