To TBR or not to TBR?

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For the last couple of years I’ve made yearly lists of books I wanted to prioritize in reading. Mostly existing of unread physical books and rereads.

In the past I felt making a TBR was making reading a chore. The yearly list made me prioritize, without putting to much pressure on me. Whenever I didn’t know what to read next, I could look at my list. Not that there were many times not knowing what to read, but looking at the books on the list frequently also kept me enthusiastic.

The last few months however, I have used monthly TBR’s. And they work for me? I wonder what has changed so much. Is it because of the massive readathon I am doing? And the series I want to continue? I do mostly prioritise those on my TBR’s, but also recent finds from the library.

To find out whatever it is, I was trying to make September more of a moodreading month. It’s not working really well though. I already made a list of four books I would like to read. Or, as I am now telling myself, I will probably read, but maybe also won’t? Four still isn’t a lot though, this year I read about 8 to 10 books every month, so there is still plenty of time for moodreading!

What about you? Are you a moodreader, or a TBR-stacker? Do you experiment with this, and did it change over time, or is it something so normal to you that you don’t even notice anymore? Tell me all about it in the comments!