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Hi! I am me, I do stuff online. And sometimes offline too. Hanging about in the garden, playing with my food. You know. Do what Spider's do. I also read a lot.

The ten longest books I have read

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Now that I have a proper cabinet to put my most-loved books and TBR in, I noticed something. The majority of books are pretty chunky! When I got back into reading in 2014, I also started to track my reading. TheStorygraph makes some nice stats out this tracking. Including page counts! On the left are the tracked books I’ve read… Read more »

Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To

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This weeks TopTenTuesday was harder than I thought! I narrowed my list down to “do I want to read a specific book by this author, or mainly just this author regardless of the book?“. As it turned out, many unread authors on my TBR were specific books. But luckily I managed to find a couple that I haven’t read yet… Read more »

What have I read in March 2022?

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I totally jinxed myself last month didn’t I? Well, too bad for me! Because this is what happens when you think you’re nearly there. You hit a reading slump. I do however, think I have found my way out again. I read a few books, but overall wasn’t enthusiastic enough. On their own they were ok. But what usually keeps… Read more »

21st Century Books I Think Will Become Classics

I’m kind of excited about this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, it must hold many great books! I’ll probably add a lot of them I haven’t read to my TBR, but most of that, I’m curious about how different everyones take will be. To make my own list I looked at what makes something a classic. I mean, I know what… Read more »

Books On My Spring 2022 TBR

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I normally don’t make TBR’s, except for my yearly reading list. But now with both that and the FNLC2022, I do have a long list of books I want to read and I discovered I could make a spring TBR with some of the books. And that’s a good thing, because todays Top Ten Tuesday by Artsy Reader Girl is… Read more »

What have I read in February 2022?

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Well well well, that goal of reading 100 books this year starts to look like a bit of a laugh really… Will you believe it, when I write you I have now read 25 books this year. TWENTY-FIVE! Already. In just two months. I could read nothing next March and still won’t be behind. My average rating this month dropped… Read more »