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Hi! I am me, I do stuff online. And sometimes offline too. Hanging about in the garden, playing with my food. You know. Do what Spider's do. I also read a lot.

My allotment in april 2021

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There is not much happening in the garden yet. After last times visit weeding and composting all the beds and sowing broadbeans and peas, I haven’t really been back yet. Our weather is cold, we hardly have any nights above zero yet. So nature is slow, and so is my garden. It does bring me hope for this gardening season…. Read more »

My March 2021 reads and reviews

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March was a very busy month for me, and I have been stuck in the same book for a couple of weeks now. So I was surprised when looking at my statistics that I still read 6 books with a total pagecount of 1,749 pages. Yes, the books I did get to read last month, were far shorter than my… Read more »

That Monday morning feeling…

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I am so not inspired to do anything. I get up, I work, I make my breakfast, lunch and dinner, I take a walk outside, I read a book, I sow some seeds, but it’s all just… the same thing all over again. There is no spontaneity or much of any motivation left in me. I’m bored, because it’s just… Read more »