My August 2020 reads

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It seems I haven’t been reading much this August, for the first two weeks I still wasn’t feeling well and the book was reading took me more time than I wished for. I loved it though, but it was also very chaotic and therefore I couldn’t read much at once. Baby steps seemed the way.

I still have read 6 (well… 7) books this August and they were all awesome! The first two were part of a quartet, or as Douglas Adams likes to call it, a trilogy of four. I could also have read these as separate books. Three of the books were from the library, the other three were for the #startonyourshelfathon. Not too bad right?

So let’s get to it! What did I read this August?

52 The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, trilogy of four by Douglas Adams (not finished yet, purple star)
I finished the first (the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) and second (the restaurant at the end of the universe) books. The start was slow… this writing is so all over the place I was struggling a bit. I like that there are more back-stories in the book, the entire thing about Beeblebrox stealing the Heart of Gold is hilarious! Some things are indeed different than the radio- and television series. It’s hard to explain where it is all about, there is SO MUCH going on. I wonder where the next two books are about, as they are not in the radio/television series. But I will need to read something else first.

53 The caller by Karin Fossum (4/5 silver star)
Maybe one of the best from Karin Fossum. The suspense is real in this one. It’s filled with dark misery, mystery and a bit of police work. I wonder what is going on with Detective Sejer, he sure is getting old by now! Sadly as it turns out, I don’t have the next one and neither has my library…

54 The gravity of birds by Tracy Guzeman (4/5 green star)
Unraveling all these mysteries have been an emotional roller coaster I didn’t expect. Truly well-written family drama, filled with art, birds and personal torment.

55 The little book of hygge by Meik Wiking (4/5 green star)
I read this in two sessions. It’s so comfortable! And the artwork is great, a good inspiration for my upcoming Christmas cards. I just loved everything about this book, even though it somehow wasn’t anything new at all.

56 Going postal by Terry Pratchett (4/5 blue star)
Discworld novels always take me a bit longer to read than other stories but I am glad to have finally met Moist von Lipwig and his crew of the Post Office. This was truly a wonderful read, it even included some really good references to 80’s hackers! That was a really nice surprise. Reading more of the series is shaping up Ankh-Morpork and I already look forward to not reading these stories series by series but in date of publication to shift through them as they have grown.

57 The binding by Bridget Collins (4/5 green star)
The idea that books are forgotten memories, bound together with love and care and protected well, is a very good one. Something believable, during the old times maybe. And just with everything there are people using it wrong…

The mystery in part one of the book is strong. I really liked it! You just keep wondering what the deal with the books is, and what is it with Emmet? What happened? And how is Lucius involved? Part two suddenly feels really different after that, when the memories enfold themselves. I couldn’t let go and read it in one go.

In the third part, which is a true tragedy, your perspective gets redirected from Emmet to Lucius and that takes some getting used to. Up until the end I keep missing Emmet’s thoughts, but the story remains good. The ending is a bit too abrupt for me though. I would have appreciated some kind of epiloque.

And that was it! These were my August 2020 reads. Not bad right? Have you read any of these too? What did you think about them? Do you have a recommendation for something similar? Or is there anything you would like to know? Ask me in the comments!