My november 2021 reads (and listens!)

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November was a good reading month for me. I finally felt like taking enough time for myself between all the chores that are now my life and studying for my new job. There’s a steep learning curve ahead of me, and 6,5 hours a day of it take up all my brain space. This results in being a lot more relax on the other aspects of my life. Sure, I cook and clean, but I am not meticulously planning my days anymore and just let them happen as they go. A weird lifestyle for me, and I’m not sure everything that should be done gets done, but for now this is the way things are and I have accepted that.

Ten books I’ve read this past november. I was a bit worrying that I wouldn’t reach my reading goal this year and at the same time decided I did not care about that if I could just enjoy reading again. And I have! The books I’ve read all were good reads. And the ones that weren’t…. got DNF-ed! When you don’t take/have much time to enjoy and relax, you sure as hell don’t have to spend it with a book you don’t like!

And something else happened. I have listened to my first audiobooks. Something I was curious about, but now know it isn’t really for me. Short stories are okay, but a regular book… I get impatient and just want to sit down and read the words with my eyes instead of my ears. I have my subscription till Christmas, but will be cancelling after that.

So let’s get to it! What did I read this November?

71. Phantom by Susan Kay (print, English, 4.5 stars)
I must be honest, I didn’t read the last chapter, because the story felt finished to me and I didn’t want to spoil the rest of it. Will read again though! Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite classics, I also own the 5 movie adaptations AND have seen the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber when it was available on Youtube last pandemic winter. This book starts at the birth of Erik and even though it’s not the same story as Gaston Leroux’s, it was really good.

72. the Mirror cracked from side to side by Agatha Christie (audio, English, 3.25 stars)
This was my first audiobook, and I must admit that is was really comfortable listening to it. In the bathtub! The story itself was intriguing and mysterious, sadly my suspected murderer was the second one to die. I have read better Miss Marple stories though, so this is not getting the full star collection.

73. Unfuck your habitat by Rachel Hoffman
I DNF-ed this. I don’t think per se that this is a bad non-fiction about learning how to take care of your home, but after reading a very long chapter about how housekeeping isn’t a female task, and some more explaining about genders, I knew it wasn’t for me. Besides, I realized I kind of already knew how to organise this home and the need for reading another persons good advice wasn’t really there anymore.

74. A fatal grace by Louise Penny (ebook, English, 4 stars)
If you like cozy small town murder mysteries with a hint of psychology and conspiracy you might want to get unto these series. I really enjoy them! This second is taking place in winter, so it’s the perfect time to start! I believe there are currently about 15 books in this series, and I’m guessing I will get through them all the next few months. It’s become a current favorite!

75. the Storyteller by Dave Grohl (audio, English, 5 stars)
Dave Grohl writes a book, which is pretty interesting on it’s own. But then he also narrates his own audio version? HELL YEAH! I’m here for this. It was surprisingly emotional. And even if you are not a fan of Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters or are sick of Nirvana stories, this is a solid recommendation. It is about a young boy, finding a passion, giving up everything else to pursuit that passion and the long struggle that has been. To becoming something. But also about him being a kid, to grow up, to become a father. And… about being a geekish fanboy suddenly living the dream between all those people you have always admired from afar.

76. Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay (ebook, English, 3.25 stars)
Not what I was expecting from an historical mystery. Just when I started to get into it, the book abruptly finished. Maybe I got my hopes up too much as I have been saving this read for a long while.

77. the Cruelest Month by Louise Penny (ebook, English, 3.5 stars)
This is now my new favorite cozy mystery series. Like a modern Canadian small town Agatha Christie. With it’s own haunted house. And the food… makes me hungry every time!

78. de Jaloezieman by Jo Nesbo (print, Dutch, 2 stars)
This was a free gift book, of a short novella by Jo Nesbo about a detective who only examines if a murder has happened because of jealousy or something else. I didn’t really like the main character and the writing was too shallow for me. The ending was no surprise at all either. Shouldn’t have spent my time on this…

79. Verity by Colleen Hoover (print, Dutch, 4 stars)
Wow… this was tense. I felt something was off, due to the amount of sex in the autobiography which felt unreasonable, but still… not sure which of the two stories are the real story. Nicely done! If you like a good tense mystery, this is something to read.

80. Old Bones by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (ebook, English, 3.75 stars)
It was a good story, but there were some problems. On top of that the ending was quite abrupt, like it suddenly had to be finished. I am not sure if I would read a sequel to this, although I do like a good forensics and anthropologist duo.

81. the Secret Staircase by Jill Barklem (audio, 4 stars)
This is a classic children story, in the Brambly Hedge series. I needed something cozy before bed, and found this Midwinter story in the audio app. Very enjoyable. Have also saved the Winter story for later this month.

And that was it! These were my November reads. Finally getting back on track! Have you read any of these too? What did you think about them? Do you have a recommendation for something similar? Or is there anything you would like to know? Ask me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My november 2021 reads (and listens!)

  1. Charlotte

    Dat van de nieuwe job die al je hersenkracht innemen is voor mij momenteel ook heel herkenbaar. Ik ben in september een nieuwe job begonnen en het is al heel intens geweest.

    Jij las alvast veel meer dan ik afgelopen november!
    Die Canadese cozy crime serie heb ik meteen op mijn tbr gezet!
    De boeken van preston & child heb ik op een bepaald moment allemaal verslonden. Ik wist niet dat ze een nieuwe serie hadden met Nora Kelly. Zal dat misschien ook eens bekijken 🙂

    Veel succes nog in de job en alles wat je wenst!

    1. Spider Post author

      Dankjewel Charlotte!
      Ik ben benieuwd wat jij van de Nora Kelley vindt. Het was niet slecht, maar er zaten echt wat dingen in die me stoorden. Als jij de vorige series zo kon verslinden is het voor jou vast een betere aanrader. Misschien dat ik het ook nog weleens een kans geef tegen de tijd dat ik de stoorpunten ben vergeten. :-p

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