A little check-in, how are my TBR challenges going?

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I didn’t make resolutions this year, but as I wrote about in My 2022 TBR, Series I want to read this year and Reading challenges for 2022 I do have some wishes reading wise. Now that we are almost four months in, how am I doing with those?

Well, obviously, I haven’t read much of my physical TBR yet. Out of the 23 books, I’ve read 7 books (plus 1 currently reading). And to be totally honest, also bought another couple of books which I haven’t read yet. Mostly to complete series, and two of them are non-fiction. Yeah, I know, but you know… distractions?

This weekend is Deweys 24-hour readathon, which I will be participating in. I didn’t set a TBR, but… I also didn’t get any library books! I’m planning to have them all read so I can make a dent into my physical TBR during the readathon. Because the 24-hour readathon splits over two days for me, I usually sneak in the rest of my Sunday too and am often able to finish either 3 shorter books or 2 medium books. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But we have to believe in something right?

Out of the ten series I listed I wanted to continue, I am currently actively continuing the Dark Tower series (3 books by now, plus a related bonus read), Discworld Witch-series (1 book recently, 1 currently reading), the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series (5 books by now) and have finished the Stillhouse Lake series (which was also 1 book). I ordered the next book in the Holger Munch & Mia Kruger series from the library early January, but the book is SO popular I am currently number 16 on the waiting list. 🙁

The FNLC2022 reading challenge however, is going very well for me. Except for March when I didn’t read much, I have by now read 35 books out of the current 70 prompts. It’s going insane, as you figure I have by now read 45 books total this year. Almost anyone of them could be added to the challenge in some way. Whoa!

But the main challenge this year. Reading 100 books, and more than 32.000 pages… Well…

It’s going SO WELL I am wondering why I never before dared to try. I am even ahead 13 books / 5507 pages! Can you believe it? I hardly can’t. But then again, I did notice I don’t really watch any television anymore. And I used to be a real binge-watcher. Apparently this has shifted now. And I (luckily) don’t really miss it either. I do wonder how much reading time I will still have when the weather warms up a bit more, but we will see. I am also so far ahead I can linger about a bit while doing my social activities. I now know, I will read plenty of books to get to a 100 even when I don’t feel like it.

What about you? Have you set yourself some reading goals this year? Zero TBR challenge or something entirely different? How are you doing with yours?