Recent additions to my bookshelves

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I haven’t bought myself books for years, but somehow, since moving into our new home I have got myself plenty of new ones! Now that we are long enough into 2022 to make a proper stack of them, let’s show off the new books I got since Christmas!

Some books to complete series. Because noone can stand gaps… Right? Right?

Gifted to me by a Free Little Library!

Some non-fiction, for work and for play.

Bought on Kings day, strolling our old city during the celebrations. Such great finds!

And the latest haul, from shopping at my favorite used books store.

Since I haven’t read any of these yet, this book haul post happily collides with this weeks Top Ten Tuesday.

What about you? What books have you recently added to your pile? Have you read any of the ones listed above? Talk with me in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Recent additions to my bookshelves

    1. Spider Post author

      It does doesn’t it? I never heard of it before, that’s why I love visiting Little Free Libraries!

    1. Spider Post author

      It was and I missed having it so much that I bought it again. Have you read many of JAL’s other stories? I’ve read Handling the Undead, and it was good, but didn’t gave me the same feeling as this one.

  1. Bill M

    Ah, The only one I recognize (Can’t you tell I’m not an avid reader?) is The Machine That Changed The World. Read that one a few years ago; interesting, although the printing press had a bigger influence than lean production.

    well, I read, but I read 90% of technical books and books others don’t read.

    1. Spider Post author

      Good to hear it was an interesting one Bill! Lean is becoming my day job more and more, so reading about this will hopefully help me be better at my job. If it doesn’t, I can always switch to another team again. :-p

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