What have I read in February 2022?

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Well well well, that goal of reading 100 books this year starts to look like a bit of a laugh really… Will you believe it, when I write you I have now read 25 books this year. TWENTY-FIVE! Already. In just two months. I could read nothing next March and still won’t be behind. My average rating this month dropped… Read more »

Books I enjoyed, but have never mentioned

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For todays Top Ten Tuesday I will postpone my reads of February till next week and write about books I have enjoyed (and given 5 stars) but have never mentioned on my blog. Into the drowning deep by Mira Grant I have read this book in 2019, after receiving it as a surprise book in a book swap. I am… Read more »

Reading Challenges: FNLC2022

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Besides watching more booktube and finding a couple of favorites last year, I also found a Dutch Fanatic Readers Goodreads group last year. Even though I am not a fan of Goodreads and only use theStorygraph these days, this group moderators organise a very interesting, motivating and diverse reading challenge. And this year I could join from the start. Yay!… Read more »

Current series I am reading

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I absolutely love reading series! Reading series just brings another layer to a story and getting to know book characters and being with them when they grow is just so amazing. And for todays Top Ten Tuesday by Artsy Reader Girl, we were asked to write about something we love, so… this was an easy one to come up with…. Read more »

What have I read in January 2022?

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Unbelievable! I am in awe of myself and my reading stats this month. January always is the month I read the most books, as it is also about the most quietest month with lot’s of bad weather. But this… this I never expected! I have read 15 books. FIF-TEEN! And not at all small less than 300 pages books. No…. Read more »