A hike around the neighborhood

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After last years trip to Sweden I got ill again from my celiacs. It was the first time after starting my diet and being well for a long time, that I made a gluten mistake which took me out for months. It was hard for me to get back into shape afterwards. My mental state didn’t permit me to do so. I was angry at myself for getting ill again, I was angry at my body that it was reacting so bad to gluten, I was sad for missing out on a lot of things I just got used to and most of all, I was tired of fighting. What use was it, if just one mistake would get me all the way back to scratch and I would have to start all over again?

But now that we are confined to our homes a lot more, and suddenly I wasn’t the only one stuck indoors, I decided that it was time to stop moping around, stop detaching myself from my body and get back into shape again.

I started as I always do, by doing ten minutes of morning yoga every day. And after a while, also started my hike around the neighborhood again. With the use of the app Viewranger I can keep track of my… well, tracks in both distance and time, average speed and how often I go out for these walks. I try to go out every second or third day and walk about 3 to 5 kilometers. This isn’t always easy, the hardest step really is getting out the door, but after I convinced myself to go I always feel better.

On a recent walk I decided to take some pictures for you. To show you, that every neighborhood can have it’s own little pieces of nature around if you care to look for them (and frame out the rest of the surroundings).

Do you hike around your neighborhood often? What special places have you found? Tell me about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “A hike around the neighborhood

  1. Bill M

    Very beautiful area.
    My immediate neighborhood is mostly small houses. Once out and about though there is plenty of forest to hike through. After 15 June our lock down ends and I may travel to one of the Great Lakes. Yea!

    1. Spider Post author

      Thank you Bill! These bits are also at the border of our neighborhood. I am very luck to live right in the corner! The great lakes sound awesome. I love me some hike around water, but sadly we only have transport-rivers around.

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