My September 2020 reads

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Didn’t I just wrote a reading post? How is that possible when this month seemed so long? As of last week I am back to working all my work hours from home again. I have been all kinds of angry about it. September was mostly a boring non-exciting month. I didn’t read a lot, but my reads were kinda great! Only the last one seemed to take forever. But since I read most of that in October, I shall add that one to my October reads next month. 😉

So let’s get to it! What did I read this September?

58 A pocket full of rhye by Agatha Christie (4/5 blue star)
Another good read! Miss Marple entered the stage quite late, but I liked how she just knocked at the door and introduced herself. Not something you can imagine in this time. Speaking about time, I like how these books are all written such a while ago. Life was all different and you can see it changing as it did after the war, with every new story Agatha Christie writes. And yet they every story feels timeless, the characters of the people still are plausible. The stage might look different now, we don’t have butlers and cooks and maids that often anymore, but the rest of it still feels the same.

59 The taxidermist daughter by Kate Mosse (3/5 green star)
I liked this read, even though I was distracted a lot while reading it. The search for Connie’s memories and both Connie’s and Harry’s fathers was entertaining, but not gripping. I both liked and disliked this story. The basics were good, but it was just… well, mediocre. I have read Kate Mosse before and was in the end slightly disappointing in this one.

60 Heaven, my home by Attica Locke (5/5 green star)
Let me start by saying, that I really hope there will be a third Darren Matthews story! This book is a true page turner, just as its previous one. I love how the Texas culture and history are woven into both stories. I’m a white European, so slavery and racism are pieces of history that are always hard to grasp, but the lively way Attica brings it to the table in these stories make me feel like Ranger Matthews when he’s running through another wall.
The crimes on itself are pretty spectacular too. There is so much mystery and hidden history in them, nothing seems easy, it’s always a big entanglement of complex happenings. It’s so well-written it amazes me.

61 The rise of magicks by Nora Roberts (4/5 green star)
It’s weird, with every one of this trilogy, I feel I am only reading a bunch of cliches stitched together. But it has a nice flow and I was looking forward to finishing the story. And somehow, this apocalyptic paranormal love story made me cry SO MANY TIMES! I started reading the first one in March, and remember I had to giggle because of the upcoming pandemic in the book, how it was spreading and the first cases of Covid spreading across the world the same way. Stupid coincidence. But the many battles between Light and Dark, the love and the hope make me less scared of the second wave that’s coming.

62 Mr Mercedes by Stephen King (3/5 blue star)
This was a slow read, one I long waited to get the time for, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t completely disappointed. It also wasn’t a thrill though, it is lacking suspense, mystery or the gruesome horror we know our King can write. During the first half it felt like “just another det-ret story”. But then Holly enters the stage, a car blows up and the investigation starts to roll.

And that was it! These were my September 2020 reads. A bit less as usual, but also not bad right? Have you read any of these too? What did you think about them? Do you have a recommendation for something similar? Or is there anything you would like to know? Ask me in the comments!

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