Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To

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This weeks TopTenTuesday was harder than I thought! I narrowed my list down to “do I want to read a specific book by this author, or mainly just this author regardless of the book?“. As it turned out, many unread authors on my TBR were specific books. But luckily I managed to find a couple that I haven’t read yet and do want to read from. Any book they published would be right.

Tom Cox
I’ve seen him around at twitter always making the best tweets. British humor, intertwined with folklore and nature. He wrote a couple of books and I want to read at least one of them, but probably all of them, to last that feeling he surrounds me with when reading his tweets. I’ve got Ring the Hill on my physical TBR. Hope I’ll get to it soon this spring!

Grady Hendrix
He’s been talked about a lot the last few years, apparently his horror stories have something new, others didn’t have before. On the other hand, I have now also heard multiple people say that if you read all of his work, they do tend to feel a bit of the same… Nevertheless, I want to read something written by him.

Ken Follett
One of the most successful authors, he’s written many and has been translated just as much. I understand he writes mystery, but in historical settings, and that’s a genre I absolutely love! Somehow I haven’t got to reading any of his books yet. But he’s on my list!

Joshua Fields Millburn
Joshua is one of the two TheMinimalists and also a writer. I have read their blog while they were still at the start of their journey, and sometimes listen to their podcast. But Joshua also writes essays, reflecting on life. In some of the podcasts I have listened to, he reads parts of his essays and they have made me curious to read his work too. Some of it is in collaboration with his TheMinimalists partner Ryan Nicodemus, but he also wrote some works on his own.

Dervla McTiernan
I actually know nothing about this author, except that she writes mystery thrillers and that she was recommended by an author I’ve known from the internet for a long time. I don’t even remember what she said about Dervla’s books, but I do still know I need to get to them! Luckily they are now finally available in the Netherlands, so I hope this will happen soon.

Sarah Moss
Sarah Moss just keeps popping up. She writes literary historical fiction with a hint of mystery and as already written above, that is one of my favorite genres! Especially when some of it tends to be pretty dark.

Lisa Jewell
Recommended by Lianne from Litdiversions A LOT, this mystery thriller writer has already published ten titles which all score high ratings. I often agree with Lianne’s opinion about mystery thrillers, so I’m really hoping I will agree on this one too.

Philip Kerr
I’m probably boring you by now because, yes, this is another author writing historical fiction mystery! Do I need to explain myself again? Even though I am mainly curious about the Bernie Gunther series, Philip wrote other works too. He’s such an acclaimed author, I don’t think I would mind starting with any of his other stories.

What about you? Have you read any of these authors? Or are they still on your list? If you have, can you indeed recommend them? Or should I continue reading something else entirely?

6 thoughts on “Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To

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