Top Ten New-to-me authors from 2022

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According to my theStorygraph wrap-up I have explored the works of 93 new authors last year. Considering I read 130 books, that’s quite something!

This weeks TopTenTuesday by thatArtsyReaderGirl is just about all these new discovered authors. Below is a list of well, eight, authors I would like to read more of. I decided to not-include any authors I’ve already put on my other reading priority lists of this year or authors I’ve already read several works from last year.

Michelle Paver
After reading Thin Air, the most atmospheric ghost tale of last year, Michelle Paver’s adult books are top of my list to try. She also writes quite a bunch of Young Adult Fantasy books, which I have no interest in. But if you do, I can recommend this author! I’m sure they are just as good.

Tammy Cohen
I read a Christmas thriller by her and it was nicely fast-paced, tensed and dark with a twist. I’m curious to know if her other works are the same. Compared to other authors on this list, a thriller author seems a bit simple, but sometimes the thing you need to enjoy your day is just a really really good murder!

This is one of those people who go by just one name, but is he indeed legendary enough to get away with that? I read the dark twisty folkloric tale of Krampus’ battle with Santa and really loved it! All of Brom’s writings are folkloric horror tales, and I am certainly putting one on my TBR for October again.

Ruta Sepetys
Between Shades of Grey was one of my few 5-star books last year and Ruta has many more titles on her name. Will they be just as good? I am scary to try, because I’ve read mixed reviews and don’t want to get disappointed by her. Even so, I also DO want to read more by her, because it was SO GOOD. And what if the next one is too?

Rachel Joyce
One of my surprise reads last year, Miss Benson’s Beetle, is one I still often think about. I’m curious to read more of this author and am even contemplating to try one of her contemporary romances. In case you don’t know me that well, I NEVER voluntarily read a romance. So that’s truly saying something about this author.

Oliver Pötzsch
This German author writes a lot of historical mysteries, which is truly one of my great reading loves. Sadly the books aren’t all translated, but if I can find some in either Dutch or English I won’t be able to NOT read it. Historical Mystery is such a specific genre, if you can find an author you like you just HAVE TO read everything.

Jason Rekulak
I can get cancelled for this, but Hidden Pictures blew me away last year. Where some people called it transphobic, I mostly noticed the child abuse and sadly, yes, these things DO HAPPEN. Since it was the first time I’ve read this author, I’m not sure if he’s indeed a troublesome writer. But since I was blown away by it so much, I’m still curious to read another tale. I will however keep an eye out while doing so…

Tom Cox
How do you combine nature and folklore into a psychedelic read? I still don’t know how, but Tom Cox can do it! There are actually several of his works on my wishlist. His non-fiction works are very relaxing to read, but now he’s also wandering into fiction and I want to explore them too!

What about you? Have you read any of these authors before? Do you also want to read more? Or is your list totally different from mine? Let me know in the comments!

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