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Current series I am reading – update

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Well, this topic from February about current series I am reading already needs an update! I still absolutely love reading series, so a few more have been added to my current reading list. I just can’t stop myself! And in some cases, I didn’t realise I was picking up a non-standalone… Lords and Ladies (Discworld #12) by Terry Pratchett I… Read more »

What have I read in July 2022?

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Are you ready? Because I have read SO MANY BOOKS this month. It wasn’t even that I had nothing else to do, most of them are shorter than usual reads. There was also a one-weekend readathon, and the FNLC Summer Challenge (more on this later) has really spiked my enthusiasm. So… ehm… I’ll keep this part short, because the rest… Read more »

Books From My Past TBR Posts I STILL Haven’t Read

Let’s travel through my previous blog posts for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday shall we? As promised in my Mid Year Freak Out tag, here’s a new list of all the books I said I would read, but haven’t read yet. The first list I make each year, is my yearly reading list. Considering this list was 23 books long,… Read more »

Dewey’s Reverse 24-hour Readathon – preparations

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It’s time for another 24-hour readathon next weekend! This time, things will be a bit different. For the Reversed Readathon, the times are reversed. That means (for me, living in Europe) the readathon will start at 2AM on Saturday the 22nd and will end on 2AM on Sunday the 23rd. Oof! Last Dewey’s was a lot of fun. Like, a… Read more »

Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

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I saw this going on on Booktube, but it seems like something that could easily be adapted for bookbloggers too, so let’s give it a go! 1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2022 If I would pick a standalone, this MUST be Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Even though this really is a slow-paced book, this… Read more »

What have I read in June 2022?

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After the silence this June, you might think I haven’t read a thing at all, but that’s (fortunately) not true. My father in law passed away early this month, and after that we needed some time offline to gather ourselves again. Since May wasn’t my month at all, I really needed this time to get back to myself again. I… Read more »