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12 days of blogmas 2020: end of year book tag

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My forth day of cheer were: four adorable Christmas sweater postcards. These are just the right size to add to letters, or to use as labels to gifts, or at the Christmas dinner seating table. I especially like the reindeer one, and the snowman is SO happy! Yes, this brought absolute cheer. Yesterday’s tea was a “Soothing Throat” tea, filled… Read more »

What to eat for breakfast?

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Something I struggled with when having to start my medical diet was what to do for breakfast? Lunch seemed easy to switch (even though that is now my most hard meal of the day) but what I could do for breakfast took me a while to figure out. Now that I am two years in I rather enjoy my breakfasts…. Read more »

Chocolate chip cookies

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Up until recently, I never baked cookies in my life! Which is weird, because I did like cookies. I often used to eat a whole pack of them when I had an upset stomach or felt generally bad. This was of course when I didn’t know yet that these cookies would make it even worse… In the gluten free diet,… Read more »

Lemon and poppy seed muffins

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Oops, a day late! That Easter weekend seems to get my days confused, but I didn’t forget. It was time to use my muffin tin again. Now that we won’t be going to the shops so often anymore and clearing out the cabinets made me discover I have 13 kinds of flour waiting for me, I try to bake something… Read more »